About MatchTuff

About MatchTuff

Tennis champion Thisuri Wanniarachchi once said. “Tennis taught me to take chances, to take life as it comes. To hit every ball that comes to me no matter how hard it looks, to give it my best shot.”

Tennis certainly taught two of its avid players to take a chance when it came to their new idea. Two women teammates were playing in 1998 when they realized the game of tennis was missing something. They needed a tennis scoring device for their matches, both home and away, but couldn’t find one anywhere. Had such a scoring device never been created?

As it turns out, no. That’s when these ladies had a thought. If they felt the need for a tennis scorekeeper, many other tennis players probably did, too.

Inspiration turned to Action!


After thorough patent research effort, they carefully crafted a design for their idea: a portable tennis scorekeeper. This device would eventually come to be named “EZ-Score”.

After the partnership was formed, the important tasks of designing a product and starting a business went into launch mode. Designing graphics. Applying for patents and trademarks. Finding a manufacturer. All of this led up to the most exciting step for any business owner, the first order being officially placed and produced.

These initial orders came in from local tennis club pro shops and sporting goods retailers. Once the company began to grow and the product began to take off. The EZ-Score is now also sold at:

  • General sporting goods retailers
  • Major internet sales organizations
  • Catalog retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Internet sales from the company site
  • Racquet sport only retailers
  • Amazon

Since then, of course, Match Tuff™ produces more than just its original scorekeeper. After high demand and requests from coaches and various retailers, a “Pro Set” was developed. This set has game score cards that go up “9”. Why? Because many times we are so busy, we don’t have time to play multiple sets!

We are very proud of what we have become since that seed of an idea in 1998, a family operation dedicated to providing tennis players of all levels with the tools they need to play at their best (and in the most enjoyable environment!).

So, whether you only started playing last week or are ready to challenge Serena Williams, we truly endeavour to maximize your game. Here at Match Tuff™, we want our portable tennis scorekeeper to do all the scoring for you. That way you can focus on the game, not the score.